Attorneys: James Ma


James MaJAMES MA is the Managing Partner of Ma Jian Law Firm.

In 2000, James Ma founded Ma Jian Law Firm where he practices both litigation and transactional law in a range of areas including corporate finance, contracts, real estate law, labor law, corporate reorganization, anti-dumping, and international trade.

Since the founding of Ma Jian Law Firm, Mr. Ma has been awarded the “Excellent Lawyer” award each year. In 2007, he was named one of the Top 10 Attorneys of the Jiangsu Province.

Mr. Ma has been consistently sought after by the media for legal commentary on current legal issues and national high profitable cases. Mr. Ma has been featured as a guest speaker on CCTV, Jiangsu TV, Nanjing TV, and Nanjing Radio. He
also serves as the legal consultant for several of the most popular television shows in China and includes CCTV among
his clients.

Mr. Ma has been interviewed by prominent magazines including Legal Daily, Jiangsu Legal News, Jiangsu Economy,
Jiangsu Business, Yangzi News, Modern News, Nanjing Daily, JingLing News. He has also been a guest speaker at legal
symposiums and conferences.

Mr. Ma is currently serving as general counsel for various entities including government departments and domestic and
international companies. He has participated in many legal matters which include securities issues, corporate reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, establishing joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Mr. Ma has successful litigated high profile cases for companies including Zhonghui Real Estate Group Ltd. Co., Fujian Mindong Electric Power Ltd., Nanjing Movie and Television.

Mr. Ma has also been published in prominent journals. His articles include “Legal Issues on Corporate Separation”,
“Trademark Infringement v. Breach of Contract”, “Legal Practice: Hong Kong Company’s Registration for Housing Mortgage”, “Defamation Dispute Arising Out of A Production Line.”

James Ma received his L.L.M in Law from Nanjing University.