Robert Allan was a member of the Pacific Council Delegation to China, visiting with Ambassador Huntsman and senior Chinese government and private sector leaders.

Robert Allan was a member of a delegation of Pacific Council members who traveled to China as part of the Councils first Country Dialogue in East Asia. At the invitation of US Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., a founding member of the Pacific Councils Board of Directors, a 23-member delegation traveled to Beijing and Shanghai from April 4 to 8.In addition to meeting with the US Ambassador and his country team, the Pacific Council had meetings with senior Chinese policymakers, business leaders, and influential leaders in civic and cultural affairs.The delegation focused on Chinas expanding role in global affairs, its rapid economic development, and the evolving Sino-US relationship. The delegation also explored Chinas social and cultural evolution as it grows into a major economic, political, and military power.

Robert Allan of the USA China Law Group hosted the Pacific Councils China delegation for a luncheon with several leaders representing Nanjings government and private sector, including: Qi Li, the Vice Major of Nanjing; Qiuyun Kong, the Director of the Nanjing Municipal Investment Promotion Commission; Ling Li, the Former Director of Nanjing Development and Reform Commission; Chunhua Guan, the CEO of Nanjing Textile Import/Export Corporation and the President and CEO of Laoshan Pharmaceuticals; Mei Xiao, the President of the Nanjing Business Investment Group; Yi Zhu, the General Manager and Director of the Guangzhou Bank; and Yumei Tao, the President of Nanjing Taoyumei Garment Design & Manufacturing company. Julia Zhu of the Allan Law Group was also in attendance.

Mr. Allan was also a featured member of the Pacific Council on their website.For more information, please visit

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