Practice Areas for USA China Law Group

Foreign Direct Investment

The USA China Law Group advises business clients on the most cost efficient and effective ways to invest in China. With attorneys who are intimately familiar with the laws and languages on both sides of the Pacific, the USA China Law Group is perfectly situated to assist in all stages of investing in China or the United States from due diligence to closing a transaction.  We advise and assist our clients at every stage of the investment process including making proper introductions to the Chinese market, due diligence on proposed representatives or partners in China, domestic and international corporate structures and regulatory approval for all aspects of the investment.

Joint Venture & Strategic Alliances

The USA China Law Group has extensive experience with joint ventures or other strategic alliances entering the Chinese and American markets.We utilize our attorneys in China and the United States to work together on a strategy that will suit our clients needs.

Our attorneys advise individuals and businesses in all aspects of joint ventures or other strategic alliances including formation, financing, operations, restructuring, and governance. We understand the different issues associated with structuring a joint venture or strategic alliance from the risks involved to the tax implications of our clients decisions.  The attorneys at the USA China Law Group assist clients to create a successful approach and lasting structure for their joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Immigration Law

The USA China Law Group assists businesses and individuals with Immigration Law matters.

We help prepare petitions for family, employment and investment based immigrant visas, and nonimmigrant visas including O-1, H1, H2, L1, labor certification, national interest waiver, EB1, EB2, EB3, EB5 Investor Visas, and United States permanent resident and citizenship applications. The Immigration Law Attorneys at the USA China Law Group help individuals and companies with business immigrations needs, including programs to help investors oversee their business operations or to facilitate the transfer of executives, managers and specialized individuals to work in their U.S. subsidiaries or affiliates.

Our attorneys are also experienced in assisting clients through the EB-5 program.  The EB-5 program requires foreign investors who are seeking visas to invest between $500,000 and $1 million dollars in an approved venture in the United States that will create at least 10 full-time jobs, pursuant to the Immigration Act of 1990.

Forensic Sourcing for U.S. Companies

Local purchases in China by US corporations and their Chinese subsidiaries will reach an estimated annual $500BN or more in 2012. The size and rapid growth of buying in China for production and import purposes, poses a massive risk of corruption that has not been adequately addressed by US public corporations and their boards.

While some of these questionable business practices may have been silently tolerated in the past by US management in order to accommodate rapid growth, today they represent very serious legal and ethical challenges that need to be addressed. We believe that US corporations can neither afford to wait for evidence of corruption to emerge nor to undermine local management through intrusive and frequently ineffective audits. The Group is able to offer an alternative method of detecting such issues.
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Initial Public Offering

The USA China Law Group serves as counsel to issuers and underwriters who are interested in IPO transactions.Our attorneys knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations as well as the prevailing government policies towards IPOs in China and in the United States gives us an advantage in assisting American or Chinese companies wishing to make an initial public offering in either country.

The attorneys of the USA China Law group advise clients in every aspect of the IPO process. We assist clients with structuring and implementing pre-offering corporate reorganizations and officer and director qualified and non-qualified option plans, counsel clients on pre-offering publicity, prepare prospective and registration statements, work with the appropriate regulatory agencies, negotiate the underwriting terms and conditions, and co-ordinate the participation of stockholders in the offering. Learn more.

Securities Law

The attorneys in our group represent public and private, domestic and international corporations, shareholders, private equity firms in a wide variety of private and public securities transactions.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with regulatory investigations, securities litigation, administrative proceedings and civil litigation related thereto. Our attorneys are well versed in the securities laws of both the United States and China.We assist our clients in complying with jurisdictional laws and regulations including proper disclosure, regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States, and with the State Council in China and with understanding corporate laws and regulations in both countries.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The USA China Law Group represents publicly and privately held companies and private equity investors in their cross-border transactions.Our geographic locations and teamwork approach avails itself to effective and efficient results for our clients.We have experience with and understand the complexity of these international transactions.

Our attorneys assist clients with foreign direct investment, joint ventures, strategic alliances, leveraged buyouts, mergers and acquisitions.We are experienced with all levels of a mergers and acquisition. We will create a successful strategy tailored to our client’s needs which anticipates and accommodates the legal and practical issues with the transaction in both the United States and China.

Corporate Reorganization

The USA China Law Group’s corporate reorganization practice is diversified and international in scope. The Group is a multidisciplinary team that integrates reorganization expertise with knowledge of corporate structures and functions, debt and equity finance, mergers, acquisitions, labor laws, and real estate. Our attorneys’ broad perspective allows them to anticipate the spectrum of issues that may emerge in a corporate reorganization allowing us to efficiently and effectively represent and protect our clients’ interests.

International Trade

The USA China Law Group provides clients with expertise in a broad range of international trade matters.Our international trade practice includes import/export, customs, antidumping, international intellectual property, government relations, and regulations.

Our attorneys develop and execute strategies that ease access to and minimize the risk of entering new markets. Our boutique size and cross-border placement allows us to be especially effective in international trade transactions between the United States and China.

Antidumping & Countervailing

The attorneys at the USA China Law Group advise clients throughout the process of an anti-dumping claim, including filing a petition, and then through administrative review, changed circumstance reviews, and sunset reviews of anti-dumping duty orders.We strive to maximize the value of a case to an injured industry and its workers through strategies tailored to each case and each client. Learn more.

Intellectual Property

The USA China Law Group provides comprehensive intellectual property representation and services including registration in the United States and abroad, valuation, enforcement, transfer, securing and protecting domain names and intellectual property dispute resolution.
Our Group is involved in trademark and copyright protection in the US and China. We assist clients in registering trademarks and copyrights and protection of those rights. We have extensive conenctions with customs officials in China to prevent exportation of infringing goods.
Our attorneys also have an in-depth understanding of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, and American and Chinese patent, copyright, and trademark laws.

The attorneys at the USA China Law Group have experience helping companies in various industries achieve patent protection, including telecommunications and related infrastructure, wireless and mobile technologies, database and internet technologies including multi-user internet gaming, software technologies (Unix-based and Linux-based systems), software development, including mobil applications, business methods, and graphic systems.

NPL & Distressed Assets

The USA China Law Group is uniquely involved in China’s non-performing loan and distressed asset market.We have extensive experience with and an in depth understanding of the market and every facet of the sales, acquisition and disposition of non-performing loans.

Our attorneys are well known and recognized as leaders in the field, having worked with Fortune 500 companies, the Chinese government, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Citic Industrial Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, China Orient Asset Management Corporation and Goldman Sachs.

Risk & Asset Management

Our risk and asset management team is comprised of professionals highly skilled in the management and recovery of non-performing, commercial and consumer loans for clients in the United States and China. The USA China Law Group has extensive experience in debt management, third part debt collection, dispute resolution, credit management and debt collections training.

Real Estate Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients investing in real estate in China and the United States. We assist our clients with the negotiations and complex documents required for all real estate transactions in China from leasing office space to purchasing a factory. We also assist clients in the transactional aspect of Real Estate acquisition and investment in the United States. Our goal is to ensure our clients are treated fairly and understand every aspect of the real estate transaction.

Corporate Counsel

The attorneys with the USA China Law Group have provided general counsel to state owned enterprises in China, private and public companies in the United States and foreign investment enterprises in both countries. We have an in-depth understanding of complex legal issues which arise from doing business under two sets of often conflicting laws and regulations.

Our attorneys are invested in understanding the day-to-day business issues and the overall business environment in which our clients operate. Many are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and English and can translate documents efficiently, taking into consideration the legal and cultural nuances.

Labor and Employment Law

The USA China Law Group represents employers in the United States and China in all aspects of labor and employment law. The attorneys at the USA China Law Group counsel our clients with issues from expatriate deployment to managing the increasing number of labor unions. We advise our clients on hiring and firing practices, labor contracts, confidentiality agreements, work relationships in a new environment, and how to work with labor unions.

Arbitration and Mediation

In an economically globalized and legally nationalized world, it is practical to avoid unnecessary uncertainty and the complexities of a foreign court. Most regional agreements provide for dispute resolution through a more neutral forum: arbitration and mediation. Agreements reached through alternate dispute resolution are almost always accepted by courts just as if they were rendered by a jury trial.

The attorneys at the USA China Law Group have represented clients in mediation and arbitration in a number of international disputes involving breach of contract and other contract related disputes. We have an in depth understanding of the treaties and framework around which international arbitration is constructed and we are committed to helping our clients reach practical outcomes to their international business disputes.


The USA China Law Group litigation practice encompasses virtually every area of the law that we practice in both the United States and China. The attorneys in our group have the ability to represent clients in China and in the United States Federal Courts, as well as courts in New York and California.

We match highly experienced litigators with specific client needs to develop the most innovative, effective and efficient solutions. We assist clients in all stages of litigation: preventative strategies to avoid potential liability, pre-transaction counseling, alternative dispute proceedings, trial, and if necessary, appeal.