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Alpha & Leader Law Firm has been involved in over 90% of all NPL/NPA portfolio acquisitions by foreign investors.

Los Angeles, CA December 8, 2006:  

The USA China Law Group, the exclusive North American representative for Alpha & Leader Law Firm, one of China’s most prestigious national law firms, announced today that AL has completed the due diligence and the restructuring necessary for the acquisition of 9 major NonPerforming Loan/NonPerforming Asset (NPL/NPA) investment portfolios from the 4 Chinese Asset Management Companies (AMC).  The 9 NPL/NPA portfolios which are being evaluated and will be managed by the Alpha &  leader Asset Management Company (ALAMC) have a total face value of approximately $2.3 billion US. ALAMC intends to acquire these portfolios for their own account and on behalf of major US and foreign investors including Citigroup, Bank of America, GE Capital and Credit Suisse. The proposed financial terms of these transactions were not disclosed. However, based on the track record of the principals and the team members of ALAMC, it is estimated that these portfolios can be fully worked out in one to three years with an average rate of recovery of 30-40% and an average projected annual rate of return of 30%. In today’s Chinese NPL/NPA market, transactions of this size with this high recovery rate are exceptional and reflect the strength of ALAMC principals and management team. AL and ALAMC specialize in highyield NPA/NPL investment opportunities in China. 

Headquartered in Guangzhou with offices throughout China, the principals and team members of ALAMC have been directly involved in the majority of China’s cutting edge nonperforming loan/asset (NPL/NPA) transactions with face values in excess of $20 Billion US. We have been in this business since day one. While other people were still doing feasibility analysis we had already closed the first NPL/NPA deal in Guangdong Province, said Gary Lau, a principal of ALAMC. Mr. Lau attributed the success of ALAMC to ALAMC’s relationship with and the exceptional quality of the legal services provided by AL. AL is legal counsel for all 9 transactions. AL works hand in hand with ALAMC conducting due diligence, negotiating the terms of the transactions, advising on portfolio repackaging, debt restructuring, debt for equity exchanges and work out/collection plans as well as preparing all legal opinions and transactional documents.
AL is one of the first and few law firms in China that have developed expertise and specialize in the NPL/NPA arena in China. Many of the AL attorneys have worked for the AMCs and China’s BigFour stateowned banks prior to joining AL. It is with this insiders view and a unique understanding of China’s ongoing banking sector reforms that AL attorneys have distinguished themselves by being involved in almost every significant NPL/NPA deal in China since 2002.

We have represented all of the major foreign financial institutions as well as
Chinese banks and AMCs. Many of our foreign clients entered this emerging market with our help and since then have worked closely with us on every single deal, said Wesley Pan, the founder and managing partner of AL.  Mr. Pan and Mr. Allan decided to form the USA China Law Group which is a strategic alliance between Robert J Allan & Associates, a Los Angeles based law firm, and AL to offer individual and institutional investors in North America the opportunity to participate in the fastest growing domestic economy in the world. The USA China Law Group provides their clients with full service legal assistance and strategic business advice for all of their investment needs in China.

About The USA China Law Group

The USA China Law Group has accomplished attorneys in every major city in The People’s Republic of China (“China”) and in California with the experience, contacts and intimate knowledge of the local and national customs, business practices and laws necessary to help their clients enter and prosper in the Chinese market. The dynamic partnership between the Alpha & Leader Law Firm, one of China’s most respected national law firms, and Robert J. Allan & Associates, an AV rated international business law firm with experience in over 100 countries including China and Russia, makes them the most direct and cost-effective conduit for North American businesses and law firms who want to participate in today’s fastest growing strategic world market. The USA China Law Group is based in Malibu, CA.

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