USA China Law Group agrees to work with global consulting firm Mitchell Madison Group LLC to add local China legal experience and expertise to their forensic sourcing services in China

Los Angeles – New York


 The USA China Law Group (“The Group”), the exclusive North American representative of an international alliance of legal, financial, and management firms, has recently agreed to work with Mitchell Madison Group LLC (“MMG”), to add the Group’s local China experience to their forensic sourcing process in China.

The Group’s established strategic relationships with major investment banks, asset management companies, multinational corporations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations supplements and complements MMG’s extensive experience with e-commerce issues and sourcing and supply chain transformation, global payment systems, and electronic trading networks.

 Founded in 1994, MMG is a premier global consulting firm specializing in earnings improvement primarily through cost reduction and operational re-design. MMG delivers sustainable and measurable returns to clients through the application of unparalleled expertise in execution, proven and dynamic strategic approaches, and focus on bottom-up, fact-based analytics.

 The Group’s experience and expertise add significant value to MMG’s forensic sourcing services in China by providing the local knowledge and expertise necessary to fully convert forensic sourcing into a soft audit for corporate compliance both in the US and China.

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